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Surface Magic is a tub resurfacing companies in Buffalo New York, providing outstanding service for all your sink, bathtub refinishing near me and bathtub reglazing, Bathroom Refinishing, resurfacing, and resurfacing ceramic tile needs. Find Tub Reglazing  -Bathtub Refinishing-Resurfacing-Tubs in New York. Includes Bathroom Refinishing-Bathtub Refinishing (716) 381-5607·  Proudly Servicing the Areas of Buffalo & Niagara Falls NY and surrounding areas

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Bathtub refinishing in Buffalo NY | Niagara Falls NY can be just what you need to save a lot of money. Refinishing bathtubs cost, there are no need to pay to replace your tub where you are going to have to rip the tub out, buy a new one, and then pay to have it replaced. We can work with your existing tub for Bathroom Refinishing, bathtub resurfacing cost and save you hundreds of dollars. Everything stays where it is and it could be back in service within a single day.

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I was reluctant to give this company 5 Stars only because I’ve used them only once.  But, with the service they provided from my first call, pricing, communication, on time arrival, performance, clean-up, and mannerism; I had to give credit where it is due. I wanted to give my rental apartment a fresh new clean look. The previous tub was a dirty gray and the tiled walls was a faint gray with some tiles having flowers. I replaced the vanity and light fixtures and BAM!!!! I will definitely use them again. Thank you Surface Magic.

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Bathtub reglazing is an excellent cost-effective your old, worn out or out dated bathtub. We are Surface Magic and fiberglass bathtub refinishing contractors have been Serving the WNY area for many years now. Surface Magic  Tub Reglazing-Bathtub Refinishing-Resurfacing-Tubs in New York. Includes Tub Reglazing-Bathroom Refinishing, Bathtub Refinishing “Reglazing ceramic tile, Sinks, Counter Tops, shower refinishing that’s Surface Magic Refinishers.”

Bathtub Reglazing in Buffalo NY | Niagara Falls NY areas, bathtub reglazing is an excellent alternative to replacing your cracked or chipped ceramic tub. free special material is applied. Buffalo, New York the Job Done Right, We Are the Experts in Reglazing Serving Buffalo NY | Niagara Falls NY Surface Magic| 716-381-5607. Reglazing Shower Doors, Tub Conversion, Surface Magic. Servicing Buffalo NY | Niagara Falls NY areas.

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Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo NY | Niagara Falls NY; Make You Bathroom and/or Kitchen look like new with state of the art Bathroom Refinishing, Tile Refinishing, and Countertop Refinishing Buffalo NY | Niagara Falls NY bathtub reglazing service.

I had a great experience with Surface Magic… Bob answered my questions very promptly, and after emailing him photos of my tub and sink, he gave me a very fair price to reglaze both including fixing a superficial crack in the sink. He also emailed me a pdf with instructions on care of my newly reglazed pieces before they even came. Bob arrived right on time, and did an amazing job. He even gave me a little help and advice on removing the faucet from the sink that I later replaced. He was very careful and cleaned up all the mess before he left. I couldn’t be happier with the service or the work. Update….Almost a year later, Surface Magic stood by their work and came out (promptly as usual) and repaired my sink at no charge!!!! I had asked to have the metal ring around the drain glazed over. -bad idea- the glaze does not adhere so well to metal. As I believe it had silcone on it when I caulked around the drain (at least not this metal) it bubbled and cracked, but Bob gave me no trouble at all. I contacted him, and he came out the next day and made it look like new again. (This time leaving the metal uncovered.) There’s no other way to say it… they are the BEST!

I hired Surface Magic Bathroom Refinishing to refinish my bathtub half year ago and my bathtub looks great. I am very satisfied. I hired another bathtub refinishing company about 3 years ago to do the same work, after one or two months, there was a bubble formed and paint peeled off, and I had to call that company to redo the work. Then after two years, a large area of paint peeled off, so I had to redo the whole bathtub. I found Surface Magic Bath Refinishing online after reading customers’ reviews, they were quick to schedule the work. The gentleman who worked on the refinishing was very efficient, polite and responsible. He use a long tube to let out the fume from the paint spray. My bathroom is far away from the windows, the long tube was long enough to just reach the windows. It took several hours to complete the work. If you want to stay inside while the work is being done, it’s better to wear some heavy duty mask. There hasn’t been any issue since the refinish work was completed. The price is higher than the other company, however, it’s worth the extra money because of the high quality service being provided. I recommend this company.

Surface Magic Buffalo NY tub repair companies. Are you tired of paying more for tub and tile reglazing services in WNY? Bathtub Refinishing in New York. For 8 years, Surface Magic has been providing bathtub and tile refinishing services in New York.

Bathroom Refinishing Buffalo NY | Niagara Falls NY

Surface Magic have been in business since 1999 and have reglazed thousands of tubs since then. We focus on quality and are known throughout New York for the work we do. We work quickly so you can begin using your tub in 48 hours.

Our Before & After section can show you what your bathtub could look like by choosing our services. Bathroom Refinishing has never been easier and will show you how gorgeous your tub can look within a few hours. Whether you are in Buffalo, Niagara Falls or elsewhere in New York, we can come out and take care of your tub reglazing or tub renovations quickly and affordably.

Surface Magic is amazing. My apartment was under renovation and I had to reschedule Surface magic bath refinishing a couple times. They were happy to oblige and showed up on time and very professionally on the final date I needed them there. I would highly recommend Surface Magic Bath Refinishing!

Simply phenomenal! I am literally blown away by the quality of work that was done on my entire bathroom. I had recently purchased an apartment with a bathroom that was in horrible condition. It had a massive crack inside the bathtub and the tiles on the walls were in very bad shape. These guys were able to restore the tiles and bathtub to literally brand new condition. I could not believe it. Amazing work!

Bathroom Refinishing Buffalo NY | Niagara Falls NY Surface Magic is a company in Buffalo New York, providing outstanding service for all your sink and bathtub reglazing, refinishing, resurfacing, and tiling needs.

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Bathtub reglazing price : Buffalo NY | Niagara Falls NY: Refinishing , Bathroom remodeling , porcelain refinishing, bathroom renovation Surface Magic is Buffalo’s premier refinishing company, with years of experience serving Erie ‘& Niagara counties.

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I can’t say enough good things about these guys. They did excellent work refinishing my old clawfoot tub back in June. It looks beautiful and was reasonably priced. Super accommodating to our schedule. They came at 6:45am so I hardly missed any work that day. They stand by their work and are honest and trustworthy. We had a tiny spot in our refinished tub flake/peel up last week and Bob came over a couple days later to patch it up free of charge. The guys were super nice, super fast and the tub looks perfect once again. Great work. Great customer service.

For porcelain enamel or fiberglass bathtubs, sinks, or appliances, we are able to provide chip and crack repairs by filling and smoothing the area, reglazing the affected spots and making certain to match the colors perfectly.

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Bathtub refinishing Buffalo, Niagara Falls New York bathtub reglazing Buffalo, Niagara Falls New York, bathroom remodeling, bathroom renovation, wall tile refinishing, bath tub refinishing bathtubs cost 716-381-5607  Email: [email protected] Whether it’s your Tub, Sink, Tile or Shower, our Reglazing process can restore that worn surface to looking like new again at a fraction of the cost of replacing or bathtub liners

Each of these are going to provide a different appearance and involve a slightly different process based upon what you want to accomplish. We can change the color, address damage, improve the grip at the bottom of the tub, and much more.

Surface Magic companies that reglaze bathtubs, Buffalo & Niagara Falls NY Bathtub Refionishing; Make You Bathroom and/or Kitchen look like new with state of the art Bathtub Refinishing, Tile Refinishing, and Countertop Refinishing free special material is applied. Buffalo, New York the Job Done Right, We Are the Experts in Reglazing Welcome to Surface Magic! New York Bathtub reglazing  Free estimate , same day work , 3 or 5 years warranty on Bathroom Refinishing.