Refresh your bathroom with Bathtub Resurfacing Buffalo NY

Surface Magic Bathtubs Resurfacing is the leader in bathtub re-glazing, tile refinishing, wall tiles painting, and the new service “Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing” in Buffalo NY.

We are a family owned and operated bathtub refinishing contractors company that specializes in refinishing residential and commercial bathtubs, tub and tile reglazing, kitchen cabinets, and counter-tops.

In addition to resurfacing or re-glazing, we also repair and perform color changes on damaged or dated tubs and tile work, like painting.

If you are in need of a reliable company, with proven success, that can serve, not only residential customers, but commercial needs, you are in the right place. We have been serving WNY for years!

By the time we are done with your refinishing bathtubs project, you’ll be a happy customer. Not only because of the speed and punctuality of our personnel, but the quality and beauty of our finished product.

All backed by a 5-Year Warranty, because we believe in our service, and you will too!

Bathtub Resurfacing Buffalo NY – An easy alternative to replacement

We will refinish your standard bathtub for aesthetic improvement, color change, or to match a new color scheme.

Realtors and appraisers agree that a white bathtub and tile scheme adds value to your bathroom and your home! A bathtub that is approximately 60 in. x 30 in. with one to three sides against a wall is considered to be standard.

I would not have believed it if I had not seen the results! My bathroom looks like it’s been totally redone, and for less than $1,000.00! Tim G, Cheektowaga NY

Bathtub Resurfacing Bathtub Resurfacing Buffalo NY

How Does It Work?

Surface Magic llc Buffalo NY use an exclusive bonding agent called Magicbond that causes a molecular bond between the original tub and the new coating.  During the refinishing process your bathroom will be covered in plastic to protect it from overspray. We use an air exhauster during the process to remove overspray and most of the smell from the room.

Steps Taken to Refinish a Bathtub

  • The bathtub is scrubbed clean with a powerful detergent that will remove any soap film build-up or residual film left behind by household cleaners.
  • The tub is rinsed and dried completely to remove all moisture.
  • Paper masking is installed around the tub to prevent overspray from getting on the tiles. Other areas of the bathroom will be masked off with plastic if necessary.
  • Bonding agent is applied to the surface of the tub.
  • High Gloss Acrylic Urethane topcoat is applied
  • During our resurfacing process, a ventilator is used which helps remove overspray and fumes from the bathroom area. It pulls the air from the room and with it the overspray and dust particles. This piece of equipment is placed in the window of the bathroom, or if there is no window in the bathroom, a hose is attached and directed to the nearest window or door. All materials are applied using an HVLP spray system.

Bathtub Reglazing