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For a fraction of the time and cost of ripping down your tile, we can give them new life by refinishing them. We take our time-tested process we use for bathtubs and apply it to your tiles and refinishing tile floors ideas. The average bathroom, bathtub, tiles and refinish ceramic tile floor can be completed in as little as one day and with virtually no mess. Another advantage of refinishing tiles is the grout lines are also covered, virtually eliminating the need for regrouting as the sealed grout will not mildew over time.

Bathroom refinishing and bathroom reglazing is an economical solution to revamp and revitalize the look of your bathroom. Your sink and bathtub will give the appearance of brand new with a refinishing or reglazing treatment solution. Replacing and installing new bathroom equipment is a costly and time consuming feat, but with ceramic tile refinishing cost,bathtub resurfacing cost, refinishing and reglazing you can save up to 90% of the costs and have a brand new look in a fraction of the time.

Bathtub Refinishing has never been easier with Surface Magic

Bathroom Refinishing

Surface Magic tub repair companies  is a Buffalo NY bathtub refinishing, bathtub reglazing, bathtub resurfacing, resurfacing ceramic tile, sink and countertop refinishing company. We proudly create affordable renovation solutions for a wide variety of customers all over the WNY. We take great pride in all of our refinishing projects and do whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction. Surface Magic does not use subcontractors, which allows us to ensure that all of our projects are being completed with the highest quality workmanship the industry has to offer. We look forward to continuing to help many more customers with all of their refinishing needs.

Chips and cracks in your bathtub or sink can be repaired with the process of reglazing. All damaged areas are filled and smoothed down and blend in with the surrounding area. The process of reglazing can make your bathtub or sink look brand new.

After your bathtub is completely cleaned and patched, we will apply our proprietary bonding agent to ensure a solid bond between the new finish and old surface. As a final Bathtub Resurfacing process, a highly trained professional applies a state-of-the-art durable acrylic coating as a fine spray finish.

Tile Refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo NY

We refinish tubs, tiles, shower units, and countertops. We spray over the existing and make it look new.We can also change the color P.S. I do not replace bathrooms bathtubs, tiles,  bathtub liners, etc. I spray over the old to make it look brand new and up to date.please don’t contact me for replacement I’m not a contractor.I’m a refinisher

Keep in mind Surface Magic bathtub refinishing near me for your kitchen and bathroom remodels. Our Unique Stone Finish appearance offers an elegant makeover matching any decor, whether you are going for modern, traditional, country or casual and all without the cost, time and mess of full replacement. You must see it to truly appreciate it, the results will impress you. You will also be relieved to know Surface Magic is a local Mom & Pop shop that does there own work. They don’t subcontract or hire inexperienced techs with little to no experience to work on your place,.

Bathtub Reglazing

My primary work is re-glazing of bathtubs for aesthetic and/or repair purposes. Surface Magic also perform re-glazing on bathroom wall tile and shower stalls. Our 6 step process will protect your bathtub, shower, wall tile or countertop from peeling, cracking or fading and provide you many more years of enjoyment with your current fixtures.

Tile Refinishing

My focus is your complete customer satisfaction, delivered by the quality of workmanship that only a sole owner and operator can provide. Surface Magic tub resurfacing companies offers a five year written warranty on most services. Three year on investment properties. Plus offers free estimates.

Bathtub Reglazing

Even though bathtub refinishing coatings are a completely different material than simple paint. It is still a blend of chemicals; the more abundance in the mixture, the higher the cost and the longer it will last. If you have ever purchased paint before, you know that the price varies by quality. For example, exterior house paint ranges from $20 a gallon for economy grade and up to $100 a gallon for premium grade. No paint comes in just one grade. Its the chemicals, that does all the work. Cheap paint has few chemicals in it, that’s why it doesn’t look as good or last. Except for us, other refinishing companies will always quote you a price that includes the least expensive materials. This keeps there costs down.

If your bathtub has started peeling or it is stained and is showing some cracks or if it just too old and you want it replaced, think again as getting a replacement may not be the answer to your problem yet. A cheaper alternative is available to you, which is cast iron tub refinishing buffalo ny to refinish your bathtub with the help of professional bathtub refinishing companies near me.

Stone Finish

Our Unique Stone Finish is very desirable and comes in numerous colors which make it easy to match your new surrounding decor. The product is layered over your old tiles and can be done in a day or two.

Surface Magic llc Buffalo NY specialize in tub and reglazing ceramic tile-like bathtub refinishing, bathtub reglazing, otherwise known as bathtub resurfacing, bathtub repair, countertop refinishing, tiling, butcher block, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, Jacuzzi refinishing and more.

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You no longer have to rip out your worn out or cracked bathtub. You can change that outdated fiberglass or cast iron bathtub and tile color for a fresh, new look. You don’t have to replace those ugly, burned, or deeply scratched laminate countertops. We like to say, “Fix What You Own!”
What Is Tile Refinishing Buffalo NY. Let our custom color matching and decorator color services assist you in finding a modern look to update the appearance of your bathroom, keeping it in good condition and maintaining the property value of your home. We are here to help you with all the ideas you may need.